Egg Freezing

Freezing of eggs with the “flash-freezing” techniques has been one of the most significant developments in the reproductive technology that we have seen in recent times. The technical term for it is cryo-vitrification of oocytes (eggs). It uses the flash-freezing technique through which clinics like ours can freeze your eggs without doing any damage to them.

With this technique, we can freeze the eggs for as long as you want and then we can later thaw them and use in IVF cycles for whenever you are ready to start a family.

But this begs the question:


Why Do You Need To Freeze Your Eggs?

Since the 1940s, women have entered the work-force and they want to delay pregnancy until their late thirties or early forties. The problem is, they are often surprised when they realize that at that age that they do not have eggs that will help them get pregnant.

Not to mention the affect of social media where they see celebrities being able to have babies well into their late forties. So why can’t they have a baby at that age as well?

The thing is, most celebrities you see having babies at that late age, they have had their eggs frozen through the cryo-vitrification procedure like we mentioned above. This gives the woman the chance to have a child whenever she wants.

And not just that, even younger women who are planning to have a child earlier in their life can also benefit from freezing their eggs as an insurance policy against things like miscarriage, birth defects, etc.

The younger you freeze your eggs, the higher your chances of not having to face all these difficulties with either the pregnancy or the child being born with birth defects.

Another risk you take is the risk of cancer. If you happen to have cancer at any point in your life, you are likely going to get radiation therapy and surgery. All of those things can destroy a woman’s eggs. Depending on what type of cancer the woman has, she can decide to freeze her eggs and give herself the opportunity to start a family at a later date before she decides to undergo any of the cancer treatment therapy.

All the patients that come to Shore IVF to get their eggs frozen can be rest assured that their eggs are being cared for by the experts in fertility with decades of experience. All the services necessary for egg freezing are available at our clinics.

According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, oocyte cryopreservation is an approved procedure for fertility preservation.