Sperm Freezing

Couples that are preparing to go through an IVF procedure will need to store a semen specimen before the procedure starts. That is one of the most common reasons to store semen. But others store semen for many reasons such as military service, occupational risks, cancer therapy, or even before getting a vasectomy done.

The vasectomy reason is an interesting one because now you can reverse the vasectomy procedure that was done on you and go back to how things were before. But there are some people who would never want to reverse the procedure and want to store their semen until their decide to want to start a family.

So far, after decades of storing semen and having babies born from frozen semen, there have been no negative long term effects that have been identified. They also do not have any higher chance of birth defects.

The process to freeze your sperm with us is very simple. You just have to schedule a consult with one of our fertility specialists and they guide you through what you need to do to get it done.

In most cases we can get it done in just 1 day if all requirements are met.